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  • Customize product variants | MediaFlows

    Customize product variants (coming soon!) Get Started Free Automatically create high-quality product variants to help customers visualize your products in different colors. Home Launch new products in a snap. Get new products live on your site faster. Shoot once, then use Cloudinary AI or a third-party service to automatically recolor across the full range of SKU variants. Get started free Save time and money. Eliminate the need for manual post-production work. Cloudinary’s AI provides accurate, customizable recoloring for your entire catalog. Get started free Eliminate back-and-forth. Take advantage of MediaFlows’ Shopify and Akeneo integrations to automatically keep your e-commerce systems up-to-date with every SKU variant. Get started free

  • Use AI to summarize videos (v2) | MediaFlows

    Use AI to summarize videos (coming soon!) Get Started Free Harness the power of AI to automatically generate irresistible previews and summaries of video content. Home Pinpoint the moments that matter – automatically Eliminate manual review of video content to select preview thumbnails – let Cloudinary's AI transform videos into the images most likely to drive engagement. Get started free Keep viewers watching with smart summaries Tap into Cloudinary's AI to automatically summarize long videos – and identify the most exciting and visually compelling moments from any video. Get started free

  • Archive expired assets | MediaFlows

    Archive expired assets (coming soon!) Get Started Free Eliminate legal risk by automatically blocking the delivery of stock images and videos with expired licenses in Cloudinary Nexus and Assets. Home Avoid legal risk Ensure that your brand is in compliance with usage agreements for your digital media – and won’t risk copyright infringement for image theft. Get started free Prevent accidental usage No more manual review or hacky scripts. For expired assets, automatically block delivery and replace with a fallback option – or prevent specific user groups from viewing and accessing them. Get started free Get ahead of expiring assets Set notifications to alert the team a few weeks in advance of when media licenses expire so they can renew or identify new images and video for critical campaigns. Get started free

  • Route image and video for approval | MediaFlows

    Route image and video for approval Get Started Free Save hours of back-and-forth on Slack and Trello – by adding manual review at the end of any image- or video-related workflow. Home Ensure your assets are pixel-perfect Pass images or video generated through any flow to the moderation waiting room in Cloudinary Assets or Nexus for manual review. Once approved, simply trigger another flow to continue processing or deliver to a destination like Shopify. Get started free Notify the people who matter Set up email notifications to keep teammates in the loop and ensure that they’re aware of new review tasks. Get started free Cut time and cost Do automatic editing at scale – and manual moderation only when needed. Easily set up filters and thresholds so that your team is spending time on the media that actually require extra attention. Get started free

  • Home | MediaFlows

    Build Media-Rich Applications Effortlessly MediaFlows is the low-code platform that developers use to automate visual media-related workflows in minutes. Get started free Seamless Integration with MediaFlows Your next visual media workflow Manage media Edit media Connect media Enrich asset data Make it easy to find assets by organizing, tagging, and documenting media files. Route assets for approval Send images or video to Cloudinary's waiting room for review and approval. Automatically generate alt text Use AI to accurately generate alt text for website images – at scale. Organize, structure, and govern your images and video at scale. All manage media use cases Try it now Now featuring FlowAI FlowAI harnesses the power of generative AI so you can build at the speed of your imagination. Simply type what you want to do – and let FlowAI build a flow for you. Try it now Start with these easy templates Use AI to summarize videos Engage your audience with AI-powered, bitesize clips Learn more Replace image backgrounds Remove and modify image backgrounds – painlessly Learn more Generate creative variants Automatically replicate product shots in different colors and styles Learn more Enrich media tags on upload Add tags to your images and video based on asset folder structure Learn more Start with these easy templates Start with these easy templates Use AI to summarize videos Engage your audience with AI-powered, bitesize clips Learn more Replace image backgrounds Remove and modify image backgrounds – painlessly Learn more Generate creative variants Automatically replicate product shots in different colors and styles Learn more Enrich media tags on upload Add tags to your images and video based on asset folder structure Learn more What MediaFlows users are saying Start with these easy templates What MediaFlows users are saying Reduce coding time by 70%. Use MediaFlow’s drag-and-drop interface to easily build, QA, and update workflows involving image and video. Build simply. Scale infinitely. Leverage pre-built templates, integrations, and workflow logic to unleash your creativity – and bring media-rich applications to life. Connect your visual media ecosystem. Link your entire visual media ecosystem by connecting to Cloudinary APIs and third-party services with a few clicks. MediaFlows is an absolute game-changer. It lets us easily tap into the full power of Cloudinary's APIs – while giving us hours of development time back every day. With MediaFlows, we have the visual building blocks to build complex media applications without writing a single line of code. Christian Ferranti Tech Lead, GlobalDots The MediaFlows solution is perfect for synchronizing asset links from Cloudinary to Akeneo. The design of the tool is gorgeous and clear, even for beginners. The blocks system is really smart and allows us to personalise the connector or add functionalities to it. And even in beta, the solution is stable and reliable. Soufiane Lahlou E-Commerce Project Manager, CleverAge MediaFlows allows us to effortlessly create and manage workflows, streamlining the entire process of providing product images for our end customers. It has significantly reduced the time and effort required to keep our online store up-to-date with the latest product images. Tobias Stiedl Online Marketing Manager, SPORT 2000 What MediaFlows users are saying Free 1 project 5 flows 300 executions/ month Get Started $0/month $0 per flow For testing and exploration ​Additional flow executions above cap will require Basic Plan Basic 3 projects 15 flows 1,000 executions/ month Get Started $25/month $0.025 per flow For small teams $0.035 For every additional flow execution above cap Enterprise Contact Us Contact Us Tailored solution for enterprise organizations Pro Unlimited projects Unlimited flows 15,000 executions/ month Get Started $149/month $0.01 per flow For teams that scale $0.015 For every additional flow execution above cap Plans

  • New use case template | MediaFlows

    Replace image backgrounds Get Started Free Use MediaFlows’ out-of-the-box template to automate AI-powered background removal – and triage only the images that need manual review. Home Automate AI-based image background removal Harness the power of Cloudinary's AI-powered image background removal add-on – without writing a single line of code. Get started free Replace image backgrounds at scale Effortlessly achieve a unified brand look and feel by applying drop shadow to background-removed images – and overlaying them on any background of your choosing. Get started free Automatically route low-confidence images for review No background removal app is 100% perfect. But your team doesn't need to painstakingly review every image for quality – use Cloudinary's AI-generated confidence score to automatically route only the images that need it for manual review. Get started free

  • Get images ad-ready | MediaFlows

    Get images ad-ready (coming soon!) Get Started Free Automatically prepare images to be used as creative for ads across Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. Home Resize, hassle-free Create image variants perfectly sized for every leading ad platform and format, uploaded back to your Cloudinary DAM for easy access. Get started free Keep the focus where it matters Generate gorgeous creative – by using Cloudinary’s content-aware AI to automatically capture the most engaging crops for each image. Get started free Automate collaboration Set up alerts to notify team members when ad images are ready for review or image and text overlay. Get started free

  • Automatically generate alt text | MediaFlows

    Automatically generate alt text for images (coming soon!) Get Started Free Use AI to accurately generate alt text for website images – at scale. Home Save time. Eliminate the manual work involved in creating alt text for images. Any time the flow is triggered, MediaFlows will automatically create high-quality alt text and store it with the original assets. Get started free Make your site accessible and SEO-friendly. Get new images live faster while ensuring compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and SEO best practices. Get started free Use our tools. (Or bring your own.) Use Cloudinary’s native alt text capabilities, leverage add-ons (like Cloudinary’s Captioning add-on), or easily integrate with third-party alt text generators. Get started free

  • Sync assets to Akeneo | MediaFlows

    Sync assets to Akeneo Get Started Free Keep images effortlessly up-to-date between Cloudinary and your Akeneo PIM. Home Make adding Cloudinary images to Akeneo a breeze Automatically add pixel-perfect images – transformed and managed in Cloudinary – to the Akeneo Asset Manager. And streamline your PIM workflows by linking every image to a product. Get started free Your Akeneo. (Now even more powerful.) Sync optimized assets to Akeneo right from your existing Cloudinary Assets workspace. And customize the integration by choosing which structured metadata in your images you want to link to Akeneo. Get started free

  • Improve asset appearance | MediaFlows

    Improve image appearance (coming soon!) Get Started Free Automate manually-intensive image correction and enhancement, alongside standard brand crop and transformations, to get products live faster. Home Go straight from photoshoot to live product Tap into Cloudinary’s capabilities to automatically optimize lighting, color quality, and contrast for pixel-perfect creative. Get started free Use your favorite tools Use MediaFlows’ connector framework to connect to your team’s favorite image correction and beautification tools. Get started free Give your team final say Easily add an approval template to any workflow so that your creative team has final review of any retouched assets before going live. Get started free

  • Standardize UGC (v2) | MediaFlows

    Standardize UGC Get Started Free Harness the power of user-generated content (UGC) while maintaining brand standards – by automating the process of editing, transforming, and moderating UGC at scale. Home Effortlessly automate UGC transformations Use MediaFlows' drag-and-drop blocks to create a pipeline of transformations for UGC – including resizing, color correction, text overlay, and more. Get started free Use AI to get UGC assets ready for prime time Use off-the-shelf generative AI blocks to remove sensitive elements (like faces) from UGC – or extend the dimensions of UGC to meet the needs of different channels. Get started free Automatically moderate with confidence Build workflows with Cloudinary add-ons like Amazon Rekognition, Google AI Moderation, and WebPurify to ensure that UGC content meets brand standards. Get started free

  • Enrich asset data | MediaFlows

    Enrich asset data (coming soon!) Get Started Free Make it easy to search and find images and video by keeping your media files organized, documented, and up-to-date. (Without the headache.) Home Add metadata and tags Enrich your image or video with relevant metadata or tags scraped from the file name, supplied via a .csv, inferred from another image processing workflow, or added via third-party services (like Google Auto Tagging). Get started free Keep your media organized Automatically move images and video between folders based on file type, metadata, tags, or other predefined rules. Get started free

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