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Customize product variants

 (Coming soon!) Automatically create high-quality product variants to help customers visualize your products in different colors. 

Launch new products in a snap.

Get new products live on your site faster. Shoot once, then use Cloudinary AI or a third-party service to automatically recolor across the full range of SKU variants.

Save time and money.

Eliminate the need for manual post-production work. Cloudinary’s AI provides accurate, customizable recoloring for your entire catalog.

Eliminate back-and-forth.

Take advantage of MediaFlows’ Shopify and Akeneo integrations to automatically keep your e-commerce systems up-to-date with every SKU variant.

Check out these templates

Extend an image

Expand an image to generate multiple versions with different aspect ratios.

Edit media

Edit media files in Cloudinary

The below templates are a good starting point to build your own flow for this use case

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