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Replace backgrounds at scale

Use MediaFlows’ out-of-the-box template to automate AI-powered background removal – and triage only the images that need manual review.

Automate AI-based image background removal

Harness the power of Cloudinary's AI-powered image background removal add-on – without writing a single line of code.

Replace image backgrounds at scale

Effortlessly achieve a unified brand look and feel by applying drop shadow to background-removed images – and overlaying them on any background of your choosing.

Check out these templates

Replace Background At Scale

Replace backgrounds and auto-send for approval if needed

The below templates are a good starting point to build your own flow for this use case

Automatically route low-confidence images for review

No background removal app is 100% perfect. But your team doesn't need to painstakingly review every image for quality – use Cloudinary's AI-generated confidence score to automatically route only the images that need it for manual review.

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