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Route image and video for approval

Save hours of back-and-forth on Slack and Trello – by adding manual review at the end of any image- or video-related workflow.

Ensure your assets are pixel-perfect

Pass images or video generated through any flow to the moderation waiting room in Cloudinary Assets or Nexus for manual review. Once approved, simply trigger another flow to continue processing or deliver to a destination like Shopify.

Notify the people who matter

Set up email notifications to keep teammates in the loop and ensure that they’re aware of new review tasks.

Check out these templates

Approval process

Send media to manual moderation following automatic cropping

Move and rename media

Rename or move media stored in Cloudinary

The below templates are a good starting point to build your own flow for this use case

Cut time and cost

Do automatic editing at scale – and manual moderation only when needed. Easily set up filters and thresholds so that your team is spending time on the media that actually require extra attention.

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