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Standardize UGC

Harness the power of user-generated content (UGC) while maintaining brand standards – by automating the process of editing, transforming, and moderating UGC at scale.

Effortlessly automate UGC transformations

Use MediaFlows' drag-and-drop blocks to create a pipeline of transformations for UGC – including resizing, color correction, text overlay, and more. 

Use AI to get UGC assets ready for prime time

Use off-the-shelf generative AI blocks to remove sensitive elements (like faces) from UGC – or extend the dimensions of UGC to meet the needs of different channels. 

Automatically moderate with confidence

Build workflows with Cloudinary add-ons like Amazon Rekognition, Google AI Moderation, and WebPurify to ensure that UGC content meets brand standards.

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