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Transform image and video.
Click, click, done. 

Unleash your creativity with point-and-click access to the world's most powerful visual media transformation capabilities.

MediaFlows gives you low-code access to the full range of Cloudinary transformations – from resizing images and overlaying text to leveraging generative AI for advanced editing – and the ability to easily orchestrate third-party services to bring your vision to life. 

Featured Media Transformation Use Cases

Replace backgrounds at scale

Remove and modify image backgrounds – painlessly.

Customize product variants

Automatically replicate product shots in different colors and styles.

Get images ad-ready

Prep images to be used as creative for ads on Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, & more.

Standardize UGC

Support UGC at scale – while maintaining brand standards and user experience.

Improve asset appearance

Automate manually-intensive image correction and enhancement.

Generate slideshows

Turn still images into gorgeous videos, GIFs, and animations

Use AI to summarize videos

Engage your audience with AI-powered, bitesize clips. 

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